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Public Works


The Township would like to remind the residents to keep the streets and roads clean in our community.  Walking, jogging and biking are healthy activities that become unsafe and unpleasant when our roads are littered with trash and debris.

To report unsafe road conditions, contact the Public Works Department - 769-3737 x 121 and to report illegal dumping, contact the Police Department.

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Brush Chipping

Brush collection is a monthly event.  Pick-up will be the third Friday of every month.

Please call the Clerk's Office at least one week in advance to be placed on the "Pick-Up" list.  (856-769-3737  ext. 3)

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Trash pickup is every Wednesday and recycling pick up is every other Wednesday.

Household trash does not include: Large appliances (white goods), building materials/debris and scrap metal.

Red recycling containers are available to South Harrison Township residents and may be picked up at the Municipal Building.

White goods (large appliances) and scrap metal only are picked up by the Public Works Department on the third Monday of each month.  Please call 769-3737 ext. 121 with your address and item(s) to be picked up.  You must call for this service.  Residents will be put on a list and pick up items only from addresses on that list.

Vegetative Waste is not a part of the Township’s contract and will not be picked up.  Vegetative waste by State Statute is a recyclable resource and as such will not be accepted by the Gloucester County Landfill.  Suggestions for our residents are to compost or check with nurseries and mulching businesses.  For large trees and branches South Jersey Agriculture Products may be able to help you.

The Township Committee would like to remind the residents that the Township Contract is for residential trash pickup, not for business or commercial trash.

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The Gloucester County Improvement Authority has designate the month of March as Tire Amnesty month.   The amnesty is limited to residential properties, businesses are not included.  All residents are able to dispose a maximum of 25 tires. horizontal bar


Water from rain and melting snow that flows over lawns, parking lots and streets is known as stormwater runoff.

This water, which travels along gutters, into catch basins, through storm drain pipes, ditches, and then flows or is discharged into local waterbodies.  Along the way, the stormwater picks up trash (fast-food wrappers, cigarette butts, styrofoam cups, etc.), toxins and other pollutants (gas, motor oil, antifreeze, fertilizers, pesticides and pet droppings).  This polluted stormwater can kill fish, wildlife, and wildlife habitat, contaminate drinking water sources and force the closing of beaches and parks./p>

Human activity is largely responsible for the stormwater pollution.  Everything that we put on the ground or into the storm drain can end up in our water.  Each of us has a responsibility to make sure these contaminants stay out of our water.  Whether we have clean water is up to you.

For more information please visit the NJ DEP website:  http://www.nj.gov/dep/stormwater.

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